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Fresh on Delivery

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Delivering all over Montana


Mark and his wife, Denise, are third generation potato farmers who operate Bausch Potato Inc. Their family farm is located just south of Whitehall, MT. In 1947, the Bausch Family started their own potato farm. During the 1970's a processing facility was built to produce potato products like fresh hash browns and french fries. Today, 45 acres of their land yield approximately 1600 tons of potatoes. Their large baking potatoes, hash browns, french fries, and diced potatoes are served in University Dining Service restaurants, local schools, hospitals, and restaurants all over Western and Central Montana. By supporting local farmers, Montana's economy is strengthening, land and cultural heritage is preserved, and positive impacts on our environment follow.


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    Russet Burbanks

    The good old classic Russet Burbank Potatoes that come in a variety of sizes.

    Boxes are all 50 lbs. This means the higher the count of potatoes in the box, the smaller the potatoes are.

    Boxes come in 5 sizes
    • 50 count (large)
    • 70 count
    • 80 count
    • 90 count
    • 100 count (small)

    Our Oversized Potatoes (sizes bigger than 50 counts) come in sacks that are 50 lbs. each.

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    Fresh fries that are trimmed and ready for the fryer

      30b Box (2 sizes)
    • Crispy Fries (1/4" x 1/4")
    • Traditional (1/4" x 3/8")

      Box of 2 - 15lb bags
    • 3/8" x 3/8"
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    Our Hashbrowns are freshly cut and ready for the grill.
    They are sold in 5lb. bags, most commonly sold in a 40lb box.

      Prepared in 2 ways
    • Cut "Fine"
    • Cut "Course"
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    Every year we farm a few acres of Yukon potatoes to add some special variety to our potato products.

    Boxes are all 50 lbs.

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    Diced (Cubed)

    Our Diced Potatoes are cut fresh and are perfect for pasties.
    We offer precooked diced in 40 lb. boxes or raw diced in 30 lb. boxes

      Prepared in 2 ways
    • 1/2 inch cubes
    • 3/4 inch cubes
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Contact Info
Bausch Potato Inc.
33 Point of Rocks Road
Whitehall, MT, 59759


Mark Bausch